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Tourtour, Provence, France

Tourtour is called "the village in the sky of Provence" because it overlooks a large part of Provence from the town of Fréjus along the Mediterranean coast in the east to the Montagne Sainte-Victoire.

If you are a big fan of visiting villages (like we are) and have just time for another visit, go to Tourtour! This small town in Provence, located nearby Villecroze and Aups, is a "must" to visit. It is very interesting and friendly. Its architecture is amazing, and the village simply beams beauty. You just must be enchanted with this beautiful town. For example, great views of the nearby area and a small square with a charming and colorful shops are absolutely stunning. That's why it is one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Parking in Tourtour

To park your car, you should drive up the hill to the town's center. It is difficult to navigate narrow streets, so the traffic lights are used to maintain order, allowing traffic in only one direction. The parking lot (P1; GPS: 43.587845, 6.304984) is located just nearby the Saint Denis church (A; GPS: 43.588131, 6.304602), dating back to the 10th century, in some distance from urban buildings. From the nearby vantage point (B; GPS: 43.587883, 6.304495) you will have great views of large part of Provence, from Frejus to the mountain range of Sainte-Victoire in the west.

You can also park on the northern side of the village, at Rue du Lavoir (P2; GPS: 43.589143, 6.303648).

Strolling Tourtour

We descend from the hill. In the town itself, we find very pleasant Place des Ormeaux (C; GPS: 43.589363.6.30237) where restaurants and cafes are located. There is also a small and nice fountain. Nearby there is renovated 16th century Raphélis castle (D; GPS: 43.588652, 6.303073), with massive towers on each of its corners. It houses now the headquarters of local authorities. We walk narrow streets and tunnels (typical of Provence), reaching medieval clock tower (E; GPS: 43.589592, 6.301357) and the second, older castle from 12th century. Some of the buildings in the town grow straight out of the rock.

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