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Entrecasteaux, Provence, France

The little town of Entrecasteaux is located in the heart of "Green Provence", near the villages of Carcès, Lorgues, Salernes and Cotignac, about 50 km southwest of Frejus.

Parking in Entrecasteaux. The garden

There is a parking lot (P; GPS: 43.515008, 6.241345), located next to the castle. After leaving the car, you can immediately go to the castle garden (A; GPS: 43.515152, 6.242831), designed in the form of the maze. In the center of the garden there is a fountain containing a rock and the astrolabe-like sculpture. The creator of this garden was André Le Notre, who also designed the Versailles gardens. In the garden, looking towards the fountain, stands a statue of Admiral Antoine Bruny d'Entrecasteaux, who was a researcher and sailor and was born here in 1737.

The castle

The castle (B; GPS: 43.515525, 6.243008) of Entrecasteaux is a solid fortress from eleventh century, enlarged in the fifteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. The castle tour is only possible with a guide at 16:00. In August, there are additional visits at 11:30. Ticket prices: adults - 8 €, students and children - 4 €.

Following the steep street next to the castle you come to the gothic church of Saint-Sauveur (C; GPS: 43.515222, 6.244263) from fourteenth century. On the other side of the castle there is a vantage point (D; GPS: 43.515370, 6.243989). From here you can see, among others, an interesting stone bridge and old farm buildings. The castle itself is equipped with a special place (cellar) (E; GPS: 43.515627, 6.243228), used to store ice.

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