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Sillans-la-Cascade, Provence, France

Sillans-la-Cascade is a small village, located in Provence, near Salernes, Aups and Cotignac. Its name comes from interesting waterfall with a height of 42 meters, which is located not far from the village.

Parking in Sillans-la-Cascade

After reaching the village you can park the car on the road leading to the seat of local government - in front of Les Pins Hotel (P1; GPS: 43.567033, 6.17989) or a little bit farther in the parking lot nearby the D560 road (P2; GPS: 43.568403, 6.181647). The parking place is free. The advantage of the first location is that after a walk you can enjoy a meal at nearby restaurants. Besides, a path leading to the waterfall begins next to the parking lot.

Towards the waterfall

You cross the street and then walk a field track, passing by some farm buildings on the left (A; GPS: 43.566716, 6.180434). You then walk through a meadow, on which grow olive trees and various plants, typical of southern Europe. Small snails, gripping the blades of grass, move far away from a hot surface.

You come to a road junction (B; GPS: 43.565237, 6.179892), turn right, and then enter the grove, turning left (C; GPS: 43.565266, 6.179147). You then walk along the path of Les Tourons, passing the vast meadow on the right. On the left you will see a stone wall (D; GPS: 43.565266, 6.179147). After a few hundred meters you come to another fork in the road (E; GPS: 43.562649, 6.184374), where you can already see the waterfall. The path up leads to the top of a local hill (F; GPS: 43.562544,6.185136), from which you can admire the water cascade. Path to the left leads directly to several small local lakes (G; GPS: 43.563624, 6.185082), created by the waterfall. They are surrounded by trees, whose leafy branches make that there is a gentle twilight, surrounded by the atmosphere of mystery, and everything has blue-green color.

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