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I want to include one or more of your videos on my website. Is it possible?

Of course we can give you the permission to use our videos on your website under following conditions:
1. The videos can be only embedded from original site, i.e. from YouTube (it is not allowed for the video to be first downloaded and then included on your website from your local disk space).
2. There should be a necessary note under the video: "Video credits: (c) videoturysta.eu all rights reserved".
3. Please send us a link to the website when the video is already included.

I want you to create for me dedicated video file (or DVD, or BR, or whatever) with your travels. Is this possible?

Yes, we can of course create for you the medium you expect. You will have only to agree to our simple conditions (including the copyright to our work and footages). If you want to contact us, please go to the Contact menu to get the e-mail address.

Do you plan to also visit other continents?

The Europe is so interesting that we still notice that many places need to be filmed! But of course we do not exclude this possibility in the future.

What NLE software do you use?

Currently we use the Corel Video Studio X10 software. It is almost perfectly suited to our needs.

What village is in the background of your WWW site, YouTube channel, Facebook, etc.?

It is Gordes - probably one of the most photographed places in Provence.

What is better for holidays? French Riviera or Provence?

It depends. French Riviera is more "hustle and bustle", and as result, more attractive. But if you want to spend your holidays in a calmer place and enjoy the surrounding nature, choose Provence. The advantage of Provence is also more stable weather during the spring months.

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