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Cotignac, Provence, France

This Provençal village is built at the foot of a majestic rock, nearby Sillans-la-Cascade, Carcès and Entrecasteaux. The Old Town offers many interesting facades of old houses of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, narrow streets, stone ornaments, which are the evidence of the past. The fountains are numerous and curious - they offer a cool, clear water.

Parking in Cotignac

In Cotignac we park the car on a large, free parking lot near the tennis courts (P; GPS: 43.525877, 6.151952), located in the southern part of the town.

Strolling the town

After leaving the car on the parking lot we head towards the main street called Cours Gambetta (A; GPS: 43.526626, 6.149431), which then leads towards the north, where the center of the old town is located. There we meet two interesting fountains, one of which was also adorned with a cap :). Cours Gambetta merges smoothly into the Grand Rue street and then we reach the Place de la Maire (B; GPS: 43.528991, 6.149125), where the seat of local government is located. There is a beautiful plane tree on the square, and also one more fountain is located here. We pass under the clock tower with a beautiful campanile. On the side wall we see a very old wooden door leading to the room where in 1703 the first post office was founded. We go farther in the direction of the limestone cliff (Le Rocher) (C; GPS: 43.529816, 6.149107), where we can see numerous holes and even caves used by troglodytes. Some of the houses still use the rock as a structural element.

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