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Salernes, Provence, France

Salernes is located in the "Green Provence", in the valley Bresque, between Sillans-la-Cascade, Entrecasteaux and Villecroze, so when you are nearby, you can stop here for an hour or two. We happened to hit a local Provencal market, so we had additional experiences while visiting this town!

Parking w Salernes

We park the car on a fairly large parking lot located on the southern side of the old town (P1; GPS: 43.561872, 6.233208). You can also use another nearby parking lot located on the Place Georges Clemenceau (P2; GPS: 43.562918, 6.233348). It is possible to leave the car on the opposite side of the town (P3; GPS: 43.565495, 6.233299), next to the stadium and castle ruins from the thirteenth century.

The old town

First, we head to the main commercial square of the village (A; GPS: 43.563565, 6.233228), where we find primarily many stalls of local producers of vegetables, fruits and industrial products. As we mentioned above, at a time when we visited this town, the Provence market took place and we looked more closely at the goods - unfortunately there were also Chinese counterfeits of leather haberdashery ;). Then we stroll narrow streets of the town admiring interesting buildings and old fountains, still working. We also meet old public laundry (B; GPS: 43.565253, 6.232763) and the church of Saint-Pierre from the thirteenth century located on Place de la République (C; GPS: 43.563964, 6.231859), with a nice campanile at the top of the tower. There are also ruins of the castle located on a small hill (D; GPS: 43.565900, 6.231824), available for tourists.

Roman bridge on the river Bresque

After visiting the old town it's worth to drive (or walk) about a kilometer to the the small river Bresque to see the ancient bridge dating back to Roman times, which is located next to a public bath. You can park the car right next to the bridge (E; GPS: 43.565352, 6.225485). The whole area looks really idyllic.

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