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Villecroze, Provence, France

The little town of Villecroze is located about 20 kilometers south of the Verdon Canyon, between the villages Tourtour, Salernes and Entrecasteaux. It is placed in the foothills of the Alps, surrounded by a ring of hills covered with pines and oaks that keep the mistral wind away.

Parking in Villecroze

We leave our car in the parking lot near the town's center (P1; GPS: 43.582371, 6.276624), next to the church of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs from the late eighteenth century. You can also park in another parking lot (P2; GPS: 43.583359, 6.275353) - a little more away from the center, but instead of this located closer to the troglodytes caves.

Strolling Villecroze

After leaving the parking lot we head towards the buildings of the old town, passing the Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs church from the 18th century (A; GPS: 43.582264, 6.275897). We enter the maze of winding streets and stroll them admiring old buildings, scenery, vegetation and cats ;). The fact is that the old town has very well preserved its medieval character and authenticity, thus the stroll is much more enjoyable.

If you are interested, you can then go in the northern direction to visit the troglodytes caves (B; GPS: 43.583946, 6.278215). Tickets can be purchased on site or at the tourist office (C; GPS: 43.5833731, 6.2748564). The ticket prices are following: adults - 3 €, children - 1 €, children under 7 years old - free entrance.

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