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Carcès, Provence, France

Carcès is a nice town located in the heart of the department of Var, in so-called "green Provence", nearby Brignoles, Cotignac and Le Thoronet. Its architecture, old buildings and the surrounding environment make an impression on the tourists visiting the town. On the occasion of a visit in the Le Thoronet Abbey we decided to spend also some time in Carcès.

Parking in Carcès

Since we were driving from Le Thoronet Abbey, we used the roads D279 and D13. You can also use the D562 road. We parked the car on a parking lot in the center of the town (P; GPS: 43.475586, 6.182913).

Strolling the town

First, we go north - there we have interesting buildings of the old town. While our walk we find interesting building with beautiful shiny glaze in almost half of the elevation (A; GPS: 43.476459, 6.181375). Also several buildings in the nearby street have walls covered with such tiles (GPS: 43.476259, 6.181198). This is a local tradition in this part of Provence dating from the eighteenth century.

In the old town you can also visit the oldest church - L'eglise Sainte-Marguerite (B; GPS: 43.476156, 6.183879), built in the late eleventh century and the clock tower (C; GPS: 43.476777, 6.182065) with a nice campanile.

Then we go to the west, in the direction of Château de Carcès, after meeting with several cats. The castle (D; GPS: 43.476174, 6.180758) was founded by the Lords of Chateaurenard in the eleventh century. Now, after its general renovation at the beginning of the twenty-first century, there is a large exhibition hall and open-air theater ("théâtre plein ciel").

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