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Lorgues, Provence, France

Lorgues is located in the inland, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Verdon Gorge, near Entrecasteaux, Salernes and Le Thoronet.

Parking in Lorgues

Driving the D10 road from the coast, we already see characteristic profile of the town from a distance, where the church of Saint-Martin is the most massive building. You can park your car on a large parking lot at the Place des Ferrages (P; GPS: 43.492098, 6.358198). Then use narrow Rue Barbacanne street to get to main street - Rue de la Republique. At the entrance to this street you can find the fountain, stairs and a seat of local government (A; GPS: 43.492964, 6.359984).

Strolling Lorgues

You can look down from the stairs at the Avenue Allongue. Then you may walk the Boulevard de la Republique and Boulevard Clemenceau, admiring beautiful plane trees. On the way you will pass the fountain de la Noix (B; GPS: 43.493160, 6.362109), built in 1771 that contains stone dolphins from which the water flows.

At the Boulevard Clemenceau there is interesting clock tower (C; GPS: 43.493472, 6.362345) from twelfth century. At its top you can admire beautiful wrought iron campanile.

The St. Martin's church (D; GPS: 43.492390, 6.362999) from eighteenth century is located almost in the town center and is one of the largest churches in the department of Var. In one of the buildings existing at the Place de l'Eglise there is an interesting sundial (E; GPS: 43.492775, 6.362640). Its work can be enjoyed only in the afternoon, because earlier it is hidden in the shadow of nearby buildings.

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