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Lavender Fields, Provence, France

Lavender, together with cicadas, is a symbol of Provence. Similar to Japan which we associate with blooming cherry trees, we immediately link the Provence with purple blooming lavender fields.

Where you can find lavender fields? Well, it is not that simple. Most frequently you can find lavender fields on the plateaus of Provence or in mountain valleys, where the fields are well protected from the wind. To fully enjoy its blooming, you should appear in the Provence at the end of June, but then you have to have a little luck to find really purple field (as we did - more on that later). Some of them simply do not yet fully bloom. So better is to visit Provence one month later, in the second half of July. Specific place where the lavender grows, is for example, the Abbey of Senanque near Gordes. Here, however, you have a little curiosity - the lavender field next to the buildings of the abbey (A; GPS: 43.928896, 5.187418), although surrounded by hills, always blooms later than other fields in open space.

If you are in Provence in June, better is to go in the direction of Verdon Canyon. There, not far away from the Lac de Sainte-Croix, we found a really beautiful and developed cultivation of lavender. We were going the road D15 from Allemagne-en-Provence in the direction of Valensole and after about 8 kilometers we met exceptionally nice lavender fields (B; GPS: 43.808600, 6.002191). Our impressions are on the enclosed video - unfortunately it's a pity that you can not feel the unique scent of lavender which was in the air!

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