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Valensole, Provence, France

Valensole is a nice and quiet town located on a plateau between the lavender fields and the cultivation fiels of almond trees, near the Verdon Canyon, about 30 km west of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Parking w Valensole

In the village you can park your car in several parking lots: on the Place Valette in the western part of the town (P1; GPS: 43.837892, 5.981992); a little above, on the Cours Saint-Louis street (P2; GPS: 43.838539, 5.983154); as well as on a large parking lot in the eastern part of the town at Avenue Segond (P3; GPS: 43.838539, 5.983154).

Touring Valensole

No matter where in the town you park, you should at least visit the town's center - Place des Héros de la Résistance (A; GPS: 43.837161, 5.985413) with an interesting fountain, and also walk one of the longest streets in the old town - Rue Grande. You should also visit the church of Saint-Blaise from twelfth century, situated on Place du Marché (B; GPS: 43.837128, 5.982941). If you are interested in lavender you can also visit numerous boutiques offering products related to this interesting plant, as well as sites located near Valensole, in which the distillation of lavender takes place, for example Terraroma Jaubert (C; GPS: 43.818609, 5.933397) or Lavandes Angelvin (D; GPS: 43.823730, 5.938498).

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