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Fréjus, French Riviera, France

Fréjus is located on the Cote d'Azur, near the Esterel Massif. Its neighbor is a town called Saint-Raphaël. They both form practically one organization unit.

Parking in Fréjus

We suggest to park the car at the Agricola Square (P1; GPS: 43.432745, 6.732943) - and therefore you will be close to both the old town and the amphitheater at the Henri Vadon street. You can also use the parking lot located at Parc Du Clos De La Tour (P2; GPS: 43.435169, 6.737246) - it is however busy sometimes.

The Roman traces

Fréjus was founded by Romans. On the Julius Agricola Square (the place where we parked the car) there is a monument of Julius Agricola, who was born on June 13, 38 in Frejus. To present day survived several historic buildings, including Roman amphitheater (A; GPS: 43.434305, 6.728970), fragments of the aqueduct (B; GPS: 43.437702, 6.741184) and Porte d'Oree (C; GPS: 43.431156, 6.737375).

Main market square

There is an old cathedral in the town's center (D; GPS: 43.433063, 6.736668). The oldest part of it - the baptistery - was built in the fifth century. Bishop's Palace is now seat of local authorities. There are often flea markets and Provence markets next to the Palace.

After strolling the town it's time to relax :) - you can enjoy very good coffee in the Cafe Le Palais (E; GPS: 43.434101, 6.737068). The Maison de la Tarte bakery (F; GPS: 43.432740, 6.735145) offers wonderful tarts and baguettes - you have to try them!

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