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Saint-Raphaël, French Riviera, France

Saint-Raphaël, a town bordering Frejus, is located near the Esterel Massif. It is popular seaside resort with fine beaches and nice residential area Boulouris-sur-Mer. Le Dramond and Agay are located on the eastern border of the town and they are a gate to amazing red rocks of the Esterel Massif.

Parking in Saint-Raphaël

The town has a very nice underground parking lot (Parking Bonaparte - P; GPS: 43.422176, 6.765761), located just at the coast. Above the parking lot you will find very nice boulevard (GPS: 43.422076, 6.763726), where you can walk and admire nice views of the sea and the coast (A; GPS: 43.422076, 6.763726). In the farther distance you can see the beaches and marina of Saint-Raphaël (B; GPS: 43.415180, 6.776290). Once we saw here interesting exercises for water bombers. Canadair CL-415 SuperScoopers (amphibious aircrafts) were dropping water - it was really very spectacular. These aircrafts are used by Sécurité Civile (French government civil defence agency).

The walking tour

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Victoire (C; GPS: 43.422637, 6.766999) is located not far from the coast. In the neighboring streets you can find many boutiques and shops. The Promenade Rene Coty is full of cafes and restaurants (D; GPS: 43.421695, 6.768125). In old town you can find interesting archeological museum (E; GPS: 43.425974, 6.769224).

When you try to drive D559 local road along the coast in the direction of Cannes, after a few kilometers you will see very interesting views of the Esterel Massif. Let's stop in Le Dramond, and then let's go to the beach and rest there for a longer while admiring the sea and red rocks of Esterel Massif.

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