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Cannes, French Riviera, France

Cannes is a city located on the Mediterranean Sea in the Côte d'Azur, about 20 kilometers west of Nice, near the Esterel Massif. Cannes is often visited by tourists. One of the reasons is famous film festival that takes place on May. Because of that, there are many luxury shops, boutiques, hotels and restaurants in Cannes. The city has also many well-kept beaches.

Parking in Cannes

Cannes has many underground car parks, some of which are located in the city center, making it very easy to explore. The parking lots recommended by us include the Palais des Festivals (970 places; entrance: Albert Edouard Jetee, exit: La Croisette; P1; GPS: 43.551390, 7.016471), Suquet Forville (900 places, entrance: Pastour street, Forville street, des Suisses street, exit: Pastour street; P2; GPS: 43.552003, 7.011222), Laubeuf (340 places; entrance: La Croisette, Duboys d'Angers roundabout, exit: Duboys d'Angers roundabout; P3; GPS: 43.547261, 7.012346).

Croisette and the Festival Palace

Through the city center, near the beaches, leads the most famous street of Cannes - Promenade de la Croisette known also as the Boulevard de la Croisette. The Festival Palace, known for annual film festivals, is located on Promenade de la Croisette. But the palace is full of life for the whole year. Various meetings and conferences are organized in this place. There are always a lot of tourists around the palace and everyone wants to take a picture on famous stairs.

There are also various mimes and comedians, attracting the attention of tourists. While we were there, there came a funny man with four legs. Of course, he really had only two legs, but he so cleverly operated two extra legs that it made really a big impression.

Many expensive hotels (including the Carlton Hotel), shops and restaurants are located there. Boulevard de la Croisette is full of bustle and action. However, you can simply go into any side streets and find much calmer atmosphere. In old town are located many small restaurants and cafes.

The Old Town of Cannes

At the beginning, we suggest to climb the hill of Mont Chevalier and visit the oldest part of the town (A; GPS: 43.550290, 7.010179). On the hill there is the castle, which has been built in tenth century. It always protected the town against enemy attacks. Visiting the castle is available for a fee of 3 ​​€ (remember about the break between 12 and 14 hours). Next to the castle there is the church of Notre-Dame-d'Espérance. Then you can go the Boulevard Jean Hibert (B; GPS: 43.548222, 7.010179) and the Quai Saint-Pierre streets (C; GPS: 43.549590, 7.012303), admiring modern yachts, moored in the marina. Next you go into the Promenade de la Pantero, and later you start walking along the Boulevard de la Croisette. Immediately you can see the Casino and the Palais des Festivals (D; GPS: 43.551285, 7.017817). Keep walking down the street and you will find famous Carlton Hotel and other amazing buildings.

In short: to see/visit

  • the Boulevard de la Croisette,
  • Festival Palace,
  • the Carlton hotel,
  • the church of Notre Dame de Bon Voyage,
  • the orthodox church of St. Michael the Archangel,
  • the old town (Le Suquet),
  • the old port.

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