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Juan-les-Pins, French Riviera, France

Juan-les-Pins can be called an entertainment part of Antibes, and indeed, despite the fact that both cities are formally independent of each other, they form actually a single organism. In Juan-les-Pins there are lots of clubs, cafes, restaurants, and very pleasant beaches, characterized by fine sand.

Parking in Juan-les-Pins

You can park the car at the marina of Juan-les-Pins (P; GPS: 43.562800, 7.116437). In our opinion it's a very good option because you're nearby the centre of Juan-les-Pins. Then you can walk down the Edouard Baudoin street beside the Jardins de la Pineda (B; GPS: 43.567519, 7.115107). The advantage of this location is also close access to the peninsula of Cap d'Antibes. Note: the parking lot at the port is paid. You can then try to leave your car at the street to avoid additional fees.

Strolling the area of Juan-les-Pins

You will not find any extraordinary monuments in the town - it is just a high-quality seaside resort focused on providing entertainment for tourists. Still, the walk on Juan-les-Pins in beautiful weather will certainly give you a lot of interesting experiences. For example, watching people play at the seaside is also an interesting entertainment - and jumping yourself into warm Mediterranean Sea will be for sure a cool thing! If you want to take a walk, we suggest first to see the marina with beautiful yachts.

Then please walk the Edouard Baudoin Street, and you will notice impressive Belles Rives hotel on the left, and then the white building on the right, with no windows at all (C; GPS: 43.565576, 7.116609). For many years, it was a sort of haunted house, but recently a company invested in its refurbishment and soon it will offer 50 luxury apartments. Going further you can visit the Parc de la Pinede (GPS: 43.567151, 7.115182) - it is just a little oasis of tranquility in very busy Juan-les-Pins. A good place to sit under the trees and to relax. At the intersection of Edouard Baudoin Street with Av. Georges Gallice you will find local casino (D; GPS: 43.567185, 7.113336); in the immediate vicinity there are plenty of shops, cafes and small restaurants.

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