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Golfe-Juan, French Riviera, France

Golfe-Juan is a seaside resort located on the French Riviera between Cannes, Juan-les-Pins and Vallauris. It is known for its nice, sandy beaches, and the fact that here landed Napoleon with 600 people after his escape from Elba on the March 1, 1815. By the way, this event is celebrated here every year.

Parking in Golfe-Juan

You can visit the town during your stay at the nearby Cannes or Antibes. We park the car without any problems on a large parking lot located near the marina (P; GPS: 43.565011, 7.072867), right next to the Tourist Office.

The walk

It is probably true that there are not many places to visit in Golfe-Juan, but first at all it is worth to come to the sea-shore just from the parking lot (A; GPS: 43.564105, 7.072988) to see nice landscape towards Cannes and yachts floating on the sea. If you want you can of course sunbathe on the beach or swim in the sea.

Then we go along the coast to the place where Napoleon landed in 1815. It is commemorated with a special memorial place (B; GPS: 43.566089, 7.075063). Here you can also have a drink or enjoy a meal at nearby "Escale" cafe. Interesting fact is that the tables are located on the other side of the street, but the waitress is very dextrous and easily moves throgh the busy street with trays of drinks, ice creams etc. :)

We go farther along the marina, but we can also go inside (C; GPS: 43.566391, 7.078391) and admire yachts and motor boats. The port extends quite far, and then there are again beautiful sandy beaches. Here begins Juan-les-Pins.

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