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Biot, French Riviera, France

This beautiful village is located between hills covered with mimosas and olive trees, near Antibes, Valbonne and Cannes. It's a typical Provencal village so visiting tourists can admire beautiful squares, fountains, staircases, doors, nice perspectives between streets, carved stones and sundials.

Parking in Biot

We parked the car in a quite large parking lot on the Chemin des Bachettes (P; GPS: 43.628523, 7.096891). The parking lot is divided into several smaller parking areas and also includes places in the building.

Strolling Biot

We exit the street leading to the parking lot and then turn left in the direction of the old town. We walk down the Rue Saint-Sébastien street. On both sides we can see a lot of art galleries and shops with ceramics. The town has always been an important center for the production of ceramics and glassware. For example, it was famous for the production of clay jars for storing olive oil. The whole region is famous for good quality clay, sand, and even volcanic tuff. Today many potters, ceramicists and jewelers opened here their galleries and they sell locally created products. We get to the museum of ceramics (A; GPS: 43.627396, 7.098508), then turn right and go through a pretty square with arcades (B; GPS: 43.627017, 7.098973). At its end there is a clock tower with a nice campanile (C; GPS: 43.626696, 7.099786), followed by the church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine from the twelfth century (D; GPS: 43.626568, 7.100110). Then we simply stroll narrow streets admiring beautiful old architecture and decorations of buildings. Coming back to the parking lot, we can have a good coffee at Place General de Gaulle (E; GPS: 43.627571, 7.097581).

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