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Cannes: Old Town (Le Suquet) and Old Port, French Riviera, France

Did you know that Cannes, a city of dazzling beaches and hotels, also has an old quarter? It is called "Le Suquet" and is located - as usual in the case of Provencal towns - on the hill.

Le Suquet district does not take too much space, but it is so attractive that it should be visited during your stay in Cannes.

Parking in Cannes, nearby Old Town

You can park your car in the Suquet-Forville car park (P; GPS: 43.552837, 7.010673). It is located very close to the old town. Then you should only cross a two-lane street and go down the stairs and you are already in the Le Suquet.

Walk up the hill: the church and the castle

Then you can head towards the Traverse de la Tour street (A; GPS: 43.551291, 7.009618), which simply goes up. Following it you will come to the hill where the church of Notre-Dame-d'Espérance (built in the fifteenth century) is located. In front of it you can find a vantage point (B; GPS: 43.551024, 7.010339) from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the entire city, the beach, harbor and marina. Going further down the Rue Louis Perrissol street you pass the medieval castle and tower from the eleventh century. The castle is now a museum of primitive art and antiquities.

Le Suquet is also absolutely perfect for stopping at a pub or a café for an espresso. There are also plenty of good restaurants.

The old port of Cannes

After visiting Le Suquet you can go down Rue du Mont Chevalier to the nearby old port (C; GPS: 43.5487647, 7.0125906). It is located in the city center, close to the Palais des Festivals and the most famous street - Croisette. It is one of the most famous places in the Cannes coast. Many boats and yachts stop there, especially during the spring and summer. The port is fully integrated with the city since it does not have any barriers or special docks, making it a very popular destination for walkers, tourists, as well as boat owners.

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