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Maritime Alps, French Riviera, France

The Maritime Alps are a beautiful mountain range located on the French Riviera in France. This region attracts tourists from all over the world for its picturesque landscapes, rich flora and fauna, and many opportunities for leisure activities.

The Maritime Alps are the perfect place for hiking, as well as cycling and climbing. There are many hiking trails of varying difficulty that allow you to admire beautiful views and connect with nature. For climbing enthusiasts, the Maritime Alps offer many walls and rocks for sports and traditional climbing. It is also an excellent place for mountain biking, with many trails of varying difficulty.

In addition, the Maritime Alps are an ideal place for a winter vacation. There are many ski resorts in the area, such as Isola 2000, Auron, and Valberg. In these ski resorts, you can enjoy numerous ski slopes of varying difficulty, as well as ski lifts and other amenities. In the area around the Maritime Alps, there are also many places where you can go sledding and ride snowmobiles.

The Maritime Alps are also a beautiful place to visit. In the surrounding area, there are many charming towns and villages, such as Saint-Martin-Vésubie, Utelle, and Roquebillière. In these places, you can admire charming historic buildings, enjoy local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the culture of the region. It is also worth visiting the Mercantour National Park, which is located near the Maritime Alps and offers many attractions such as waterfalls, lakes, and stunning landscapes.

In summary, the Maritime Alps are a beautiful place that offers many attractions and opportunities for leisure activities. Whether you are a climbing enthusiast, mountain biker, skier, or simply want to admire beautiful views and enjoy the tranquility of nature, the Maritime Alps on the French Riviera are sure to meet your expectations.

Driving in French Maritime Alps is sometimes not easy. You have to watch out for the precipices, navigate narrow roads, where passing of vehicles is a problem, drive nearby rocky walls or through natural and artificial tunnels. However, these routes are so picturesque that if you feel up to it, you should try it. Of course, in advance you should always think about everything and consider the weather and road conditions, as well as the skills of the driver. In case of doubt, you have to let this go - you shouldn't risk your life, even for the best views.

The pictures used in this video were made, among others, near the village of Gréolières, Entrevaux, as well as in the Verdon Canyon.

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