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Gréolières, French Riviera, France

The little town of Gréolières (Alpes Maritimes) is located on the southern slope of the mountain Cheiron and looking down on the river Loup. In the area we can also visit the following places:

  • Saint-Pons: Small village near Gréolières.
  • Gréolières-les-Neiges: This family resort (1400-1800 m above sea level) is the point of the winter sports closest to the Côte d'Azur. From the top of Cheiron you can have a wonderful view of the French Riviera from Monaco to the Esterel Massif

Access and parking in Gréolières

We just came back from inland after visiting the village of Entrevaux, driving local roads through the mountains, so we showed up at Gréolières on the D2 road. If someone goes from the coast, he should use the D3 road. Nearby the village you have a quite large parking lot (P; GPS: 43.796313, 6.942659), where you may leave the car.

Strolling the village

We had just a very strange weather - in the middle of June the town was submerged in the clouds, although several kilometers away on the coast the sun was shining and the temperature exceeded 30 degrees. This was due to the fact that the town is fairly high above the sea level. Anyway we quite quickly strolled the streets, whose number is not too much. We also walked to the ruins of a castle (A; GPS: 43.794730, 6.942512) from the seventeenth century. Nice is also the building of the church of Saint-Pierre from the fourteenth century (B; GPS: 43.795231, 6.943072). As usual in such places you can often meet cats on the streets :).

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