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Vence, French Riviera, France

Vence is located inland, about 15 km from Antibes and 10 km from Nice. It is surrounded by medium-height limestone mountains called "baous". This city was a place of living for many artists, for example Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall.

Parking in Vence

The cars are not allowed in the very center of the city, but you can leave your car nearby. There are at least two good car parks: first called "Marie Antoinette" (P1; GPS: 43.722368, 7.110120) and second called "Place du Grand Jardin" (P2; GPS: 43.722217, 7.111221). If you were unlucky and mentioned parking lots would be occupied, then you could leave your car a little farther from the town's center - on the parking lot at Avenue Rhin et Danube (P3; GPS: 43.724157, 7.102754) and then walk about 800 meters to the old town.

The Old Town

Vence was the market town for centuries. Currently, for example, there are flea markets on Place du Grand Jardin (A; GPS: 43.722292, 7.111716).

The old town is surrounded by medieval walls that have five gates. There is a vantage point (B; GPS: 43.723373, 7.112622) near the Porte du Peyra gate, from which you can watch the surrounding hills (Baou des Blancs, Baou des Noirs, Puy de Naouri).

Passing through the Porte du Peyre gate you find yourselves at the Place du Peyre square. You can see the fountain du Peyra (C; GPS: 43.722762, 7.112612), placed often on the pictures. There are various shops and stalls in the narrow streets. In the center of the old city you can find the Cathedral de la Nativité-de-Marie de Vence (D; GPS: 43.722731, 7.114157). At some distance from the old town you will find the Chapelle Penitents Blancs with characteristic roof (E; GPS: 43.723173, 7.109700).

Witold Gombrowicz in Vence

The Polish accent of Vence is that the well-known Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz lived here for the last 5 years. Beautiful Villa Alexandrine, where he lived, is located right next to the central square, in the old town (F; GPS: 43.722174, 7.110948). In September 2017 a museum dedicated to this outstanding writer was opened here.

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