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Saint-Jeannet, French Riviera, France

We visit Saint-Jeannet - village located at the Maritime Alps, on the Cote d'Azur, near Vence and Nice. Hitchcock filmed here some scenes for his movie "To Catch a Thief" with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.

Parking in Saint-Jeannet

We arrive to the village from the east, via the Route de Saint-Jeannet street, because we have a choice of two parking lots - one just before the village (P1; GPS: 43.749923, 7.144716) and the second inside the town (P2; GPS: 43.749204, 7.143328). We chose the latter, which admittedly has the disadvantage that it is quite small, but nevertheless is already in the town and saves us some time. Fortunately, a free parking spot waited for us!

Walking around

The village is beautifully situated at the limestone hills known in French language "baou". As a result, we can admire beautiful views.

We stroll the town walking narrow streets and passing the local government office (A; GPS: 43.747577, 7.142968) and then stopping for example at the public laundry (B; GPS: 43.747525, 7.142416) and the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste (C; GPS: 43.747577, 7.142968) from the seventeenth century. You can spend a lot of time here walking all available alleys.

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