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Forcalquier, Provence, France

The town of Forcalquier is located about 40 kilometers west of Apt and 35 kilometers north of Gréoux-les-Bains, in the so-called High Provence (Haute Provence). It lies between the Luberon and Lure massifs. Its narrow streets, squares and fountains, as well as historic buildings beckon visitors. Interestingly, Forcalquier lies on the so-called Via Domitia - the first Roman road (today we would say highway) built in Gaul, connecting Italy and Spain and passing through the territory of southern France.

Parking in Forcalquier

We can leave the car at a fairly large parking lot located near the center - "Parking des Cordeliers" (P1; GPS: 43.9594020, 5.7848581). Then simply follow the streets Trav. des Prés and Rue des Giloux to find yourself after 5 minutes in the center of the town. Another parking lot is located north of the old town (P2; GPS: 43.9606597, 5.7802418). Its advantage is that it's a bit closer to the center than Parking des Cordeliers, but it sometimes runs out of available spaces.

Forcalquier tour

After leaving the parking lot, we head towards the buildings of the old town. Along the way we can visit Couvent des Cordeliers (A; GPS: 43.9591796, 5.7827708) - a magnificent 13th century monastery surrounded by a small park. It's an interesting place steeped in history, a true oasis of tranquility.

We enter a thicket of winding streets and walk towards the former cathedral (now church) of Notre-Dame-du-Bourguet de Forcalquier (B; GPS: 43.9593714, 5.7811586) from the 12th century. The choir, nave, and cloisters date from the early 13th century and are one of the earliest examples of the Gothic style in Provence.

We then head to the Place Saint-Michel (C; GPS: 43.9586528, 5.7809969), which features the beautiful Renaissance Saint-Michel fountain from the early 16th century.

After strolling the streets of the old town, we head toward the Forcalquier citadel (D; GPS: 43.9571322, 5.7820111). In fact, nothing remains of the medieval citadel. It was destroyed in the early 17th century. In its place, the octagonal chapel Notre Dame de Provence was built in the second half of the 19th century. Anyway, from here we have really beautiful views of the entire Provence area surrounding Forcalquier.

If you are interested in local products, remember that market day in Forcalqier is Monday. The area of the Place du Bourguet square and adjacent streets is then occupied by stalls.

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