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Apt, Provence, France

Apt is a town in Provence, worth visiting, beautifully located in the Luberon National Park, about 15 km north-east of Bonnieux and 10 km east of Roussillon. We visited it on the occassion of driving in the direction of Le Colorado Provencal de Rustrel. In 2017, this town was included in the 19th stage of the Tour de France cycling race.

Parking in Apt

The town offers a really spacious parking lot along Quai Léon Sagy (entrance from Avenue Victor Hugo, P1; GPS: 43.876958, 5.392151), as well as several other smaller ones, such as Place Lauze de Perret (P2; GPS: 43.875303, 5.400026). We parked on the first one - even though it was really huge, we had to take some time to find a free place for the car. This is probably because the parking lot is free and everyone wants to leave his car there.

The old town

Since the parking lot is located along the river Le Calavon, so you should cross the bridge (for example at A; GPS 43.877443, 5.395237) to get to the other side and find yourself in the old town. Then you can walk straight the Rue de la Sous-Préfecture to get to the Place Gabriel Péri, where the headquarters of the mayor is located (B; GPS: 43.875982, 5.394824). You can find there also a fountain with a nice sculpture. Then you may enter the Rue des Marchands, which leads through the entire old town.

After about 100 meters you can see on the left an interesting building of the Cathedral of Sainte Anne from the 12th century (C; GPS: 43.876186, 5.396971). The interior of the cathedral is nicely decorated and makes a really big impression. Right next to the cathedral there is a clock tower from the 16th century (D; GPS: 43.875944, 5.397222). When you continue your stroll then after about 50 meters you'll see that the Rue des Marchands goes into the Rue Saint-Pierre, which in turn leads you to the eastern borders of the old town, ending at the gate Porte de Saignon (E; GPS: 43.875576, 5.399813). On the left side you can see a rectangular square ending with a fountain with a statue of St. Peter holding the keys to the heaven (F; GPS: 43.876076, 5.399723). The four faces from which the water flows are probably the allegory of four seasons. The fountain was founded in 1810 and was the work of the sculptor Alexis Poitevin from Roussillon.

Before the Rue des Marchands turns into Rue Saint-Pierre, you can also go right towards the Place Jean Jaurès, where the Museum of Industrial Adventure (Musee de l'Aventure Industrielle) is located (G; GPS: 43.875806, 5.397717). It presents tools, products and techniques about the history of Apt's economic activity, with particular attention to areas such as faience, candied fruits and ocher that have made this place well known. Opposite to the museum building there is a nice cafe where you can drink a good coffee and relax yourself.

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