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Pertuis, Provence, France

We visit Pertuis - a town located in Provence, in the southern part of the Luberon massif, near the towns of Lourmarin, Cadenet and Aix-en-Provence. As usual in such towns, we stroll winding and narrow streets, admire interesting fountains, look at old walls and a defensive tower, and also notice the social life.

Parking in Pertuis

We park the car on a huge, and what is important, free parking lot called "Parking Dévalade" (P: GPS: 43.695464, 5.500141) located on the west side of the old town

Strolling the town

First of all we go to the tourist office, which is located in an interesting building with a clock tower (A; GPS: 43.694428, 5,501790). This building is a 12th-century donjon — an independent defensive-residential tower. It is the only remnant of the castle built by Guillaume de Forcalquier. The clock on the tower was produced in 1887 and it replaced the previous 400 years old clock.

Next to the tower building is the church of Saint-Nicolas from the fifteenth century. Once the parish church was the church of Saint-Pierre, but was changed to Saint-Nicholas after it was in danger of collapsing. In the sixteenth century, the church of Saint-Nicholas was extended by the fourth nave, and in the seventeenth century, the southern chapels were added.

Following the streets of Rue Grande and Rue Sain-Jacques, we reach the Saint-Jacques tower from the 14th century (B; GPS: 43.696178, 5.504178). This tower is the only surviving thing of seven towers of the 14th-century defensive walls. Walking further the narrow streets of the town we notice a very interesting "vegetable" fountain — it is the Fontaine de la Diane — the Diana Fountain. It consists of a stone base, and in its center there is a large limestone rock covered with moss and other plants. At the top of the fountain we can see the statue of Diana - the goddess of hunting and her dog. The fountain is located in — no surprise — Place de la Diane (C; GPS: 43.694975, 5.504766) and was built in 1830. This square is very often visited by residents in the summer because it is pleasantly shaded by plane trees.

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