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Nyons, Provence, France

The best melons in France come from Cavaillon, and the best black olives are in Nyons! The fact is that Nyons is famous for its olive cultivar called Tanche - this town is just the French capital of olives. The olive tree itself is unique and worth writing a separate article; however, this time we will visit the village of Nyons.

Parking in Nyons

We happened to hit a market day, that's why all parking spaces in the town's center (for example, P1; GPS: 44.361557, 5.140100 or P2; GPS: 44.360052, 5.139289) were obviously occupied by stalls, so we had to find another (P3; GPS: 44.362133, 5.132745) parking lot, a little more distant from the center, but not so much that you couldn't return on foot.

The old town

The first thing worth visiting in the old town is a beautiful medieval bridge in the Romanesque style that was built at the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth century, connecting two banks of the river Eygues (A; GPS: 44.360042, 5.143993). The bridge, with a length of 43 meters and a height of 18 meters, is still used and we even saw cars on it. We can have beautiful views of the river and the old town from the bridge.

Then we enter into a tangle of narrow streets, typical for a Provencal village. We stroll old city, reaching the chapel of the eighteenth century with an interesting tower called Randonne (B; GPS: 44.362262, 5.140967), the old castle of the fourteenth century (C; GPS: 44.36133068, 5.14107833) and beautiful square - Place des Arcades (D; GPS: 44.360734 , 5.140375). The provencal market we happened to hit was also a very interesting event!

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