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Malaucène, Provence, France

Malaucène is a pretty Provencal village located about 350 m above sea level at the northern foot of Mont Ventoux. It is located north of Vaucluse, on the border of the Drôme department, about 10 km south of Vaison-la-Romaine and 20 km north-east of Carpentras.

Parking in Malaucène

We arrived to the town on the local D938 road. We just parked on the free parking lot at the restaurant La Chevalerie and the church of Saint-Michel de Malaucène - at the Boulevard des Remparts street (P1; GPS: 44.172334, 5.131795). However you can also park on a larger parking lot at the Rue des Aires (P2; GPS: 44.174674, 5.132645) located on the north side of the old town. Regardless of where you park, you will be quite close to the center of the village.

Strolling Malaucène

If you parked the car near the Le Chevalerie restaurant, you are literally a few steps away from the first encountered monument, that is the church of Saint-Michel de Malaucène (A; GPS: 44.172108, 5.132023). It was built at the turn of thirteenth and fourteenth century, and its robust architecture meant that it was a part of defensive walls. We walk next to the church and then stroll the Grande Rue street in the direction of a small hill, which is the center of the village. On a small square with an interesting Theron fountain (B; GPS: 44.173128, 5.132771) you should turn left and in accordance with the "Site Panoramique" sign go up the stairs to get to the street (Rue du Château) leading directly to the central point of the village. On the way you pass interesting bell tower (C; GPS: 44.173366, 5.132315) built at the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The local hill (D; GPS: 44.173140, 5.132233) is called Calvary, because it reflects the passion of Christ with 14 small shrines made by the artist and art historian Luc Ta Van Thinh. Originally on the hill were located dungeons or a watchtower. From there you can have really beautiful views of entire old town and surrounding area. These who are eager to visit famous Mont Ventoux can take advantage of the location of the town and drive/ride the D974 road about 20 km directly to its summit.

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