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Fayence, Provence, France

Fayence is a small town situated in Provence (or on the Côte d'Azur - it's hard to say ;), on top of a hill, about 20 km north of Frejus, only a few kilometers west of Callian and Montauroux.

Parking in Fayence

The town's center can be reached by car - you can simply drive the Av. Robert Fabre street. The road at some point becomes tight so you should watch carefully on oncoming vehicles from the opposite direction. After passing the Boulevard Gambetta street you can see the entrance to a few interconnected parking lots on the left side of the road (P1; GPS: 43.624207, 6.697107 and P2; 43.625054, 6.697796).

The old town

At the main street Boulevard Gambetta there is a seat of local authorities (A; GPS: 43.623984, 6.694598). Interestingly, it is located in the building, built over the street, under a small tunnel.

There is the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste (B; GPS: 43.623456, 6.695663) from 14th century, rebuilt in the eighteenth century, located in the Place Thiers.

The clock tower and the church

You can pass through the narrow streets, heading for the highest point of the town where the clock tower was built (C; GPS: 43.624452, 6.694666). The vantage point next to the clock tower offers beautiful views of the Fayence's surroundings.

There is the St. Jean-Baptiste church from the eighteenth century in the town. Various wedding ceremonies are happen here. Quite by accident, we came to the wedding of someone from the family of Mr. Bernard Arnault, one of the richest people in France and in the world. The ceremony was really impressive. The interior of the church has been beautifully decorated.

In the distance you can see the chapel of Notre-Dame des Cypres (D; GPS: 43.621103, 6.676941) from fifteenth century. In the nearby village of Tourrettes there is the Château du Puy (E; GPS: 43.621569, 6.701049), which is an exact replica of the cadet school in St. Petersburg, built in 1830 by Jean Alexandre Fabre. Fayence is also known from the local airport (F; GPS: 43.610655, 6.696693), founded in 1929, which is the center of gliding sports. There are organized various trainings and competitions.

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