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Grasse, French Riviera, France

Grasse is located on the Côte d'Azur, about 15 km north of Cannes. It is considered to be the world capital of perfume industry. Here you can find three famous perfume factories: Fragonard Parfumeur, Galimard Parfumeur and Molinard Parfumeur.

Parking in Grasse

With your car you can reach almost to the limits of the old town, and then park it at Avenue du Maréchal Juin, in the parking lot of La Foux (P; GPS: 3.66079,6.921974). Fees: 45 minutes: 1€; 1 hour: 1.90€; 3 hours: 5.80€; the whole day: 12.80€. The prices are for 2018 - we recommend checking the current prices on the website of the parking lot.

Toward the centre

From the parking you can go down the Av. Yves Emmanuel Baudoin street towards the Place de la Foux, and then downstairs (A; GPS: 43.660061, 6.922475), passing the fountain du Thouron with a nice sculpture. Then you go through the Place aux Aires (B; GPS: 43.659776, 6.923106) and walk through the narrow streets of old town, visiting shops with different, often local goods. For example, you can purchase a variety types of Provencal gingerbread called "Pain d'épices". Note: the product found sometimes in supermarkets has the name only common with local baking. Don't buy it!

The Saracen tower and Cathedral of Notre-Dame-du-Puy

Next, passing through the Place aux Herbes (C; GPS: 43.65908, 6.924795), you can head to the Place de l'Évêché (D; GPS: 43.658238, 6.92471), overlooking the magnificent Saracen tower (E; GPS: 43.658046, 6.924393) in the shape of a cuboid with the remains of the walls of the sixteenth century, and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-du-Puy (F; GPS: 43.657898, 6.924911) from the turn of 10th and the 10th century, which has been modified in the seventeenth century. In the cathedral you can admire many works of famous artists, such as Rubens and J.H. Fragonard.

There is a vantage point next to the cathedral, from which you can enjoy a magnificent views of the town's skyline and surrounding hills.

The Fragonard Parfumeur

As mentioned earlier, Grasse is the capital of perfume industry. Wonderful climate, as well as fertile soil and mountains which protect it from nasty Mistral gusts meant that there are excellent conditions for flower farming industry.

One of the most famous factories, producing a wide range of perfumes and other related accessories, is the Fragonard Parfumeur. One of its branches is located in the district of Les Quatre Chemins, at the exit from Grasse (G; GPS: 43.644765, 6.942541). You can park there and visit the museum and see the production of lavender soap, and then visit the local boutique. Parking lot, visiting both the factory and the museum are free of charge.

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