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Beaucaire, Provence, France

Beaucaire is situated on the Rhone which forms the border of two regions: Languedoc and Provence. Formally speaking, the town is no longer located in Provence, but in Occitania, but it can be assumed that due to its history it belongs to Provence. A water channel "Canal Du Rhône à Sète" runs through the town, too. On the other side of the river is the town of Tarascon.

Parking in Beaucaire

As we mentioned, Beaucaire lies on the Rhone, opposite Tarascon. So you can just park in the latter town and then cross the bridge (Pont de Beaucaire) to be in Beaucaire. There is a good parking lot next to the bridge, which can be used for this purpose (P1; GPS: 43.8054781, 4.6550514). There is also a fairly large parking lot next to the castle (P2; GPS: 43.8106344, 4.6454275). You can also try to park your car at the Canal du Rhône à Sète quay (P3; GPS: 43.8060278, 4.6413183).

Walking around Beaucaire

First, we head towards the town center, i.e. Place Georges Clémenceau, where the seat of local authorities is located (A; GPS: 43.8071814, 4.6437967). Provencal fairs are held here on certain days. If you would like to drink a coffee or relax for a while, the Café de France is at your disposal. Then you can head towards the nearby collegiate church of Notre Dame des Pommiers from the 18th century (B; GPS: 43.8078086, 4.6435178). Another religious monument, built in the Provencal Gothic style, is the Saint-Paul church from the 14th century (C; GPS: 43.8064033, 4.6449714). It is also worth strolling along the Canal du Rhône à Sète to see the yachts mooring. Don't forget to visit the medieval Castle of Beaucaire (D; GPS: 43.8095681, 4.6445397), built on a rocky slope. Unfortunately, you have to be prepared for a rather difficult climb up the stairs, but it is well worth the effort. The views from the ramparts are amazing. Admission to the castle is free.

The bulls race

It turns out that you don't have to go to Pamplona to witness an exciting bull race (abrivado) in which people take part. The bulls are released from the enclosure and must run through the narrow streets of the town. Daredevils also run with them. Unfortunately, this event is especially dangerous. There are often cases of serious cuts.

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