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Barbegal aqueduct, Provence, France

About 12 kilometers north-east of Arles and 3 km south of Fontvieille there is an interesting historical place: the ruins of a Roman aqueduct and water mills. The place is shortly called "the Barbegal aqueduct". In the past it provided drinking water to nearby town Arelate (now Arles), as well as of the flour milling for the citizens by eight water wheels arranged one above the other. Technical infrastructure is one of the most complex of ancient world. Let's visit this place in beautiful weather, and we will really enjoy the pleasant walk.

Parking at the aqueduct

Interestingly, the place is not too much advertised and so few tourists arrive there to see the above-mentioned ruins. You can easily park the car on the Route de l'Acqueduc, several meters from the aqueduct (P; GPS: 43.704891, 4.722232).

Visiting the ruins of the aqueduct

When you exit the car you immediately see characteristic ruins of the aqueduct. They extend across the road, so you can first head south and walk along the aqueduct up to the slope on which originally the water wheels for driving the mill were placed, that in turn was used to grind flour for the inhabitants of Arles. You walk a path along the aqueduct that probably during rainy weather is full of mud and water. However on a sunny day walking this path is a pleasure, especially that on the left side you can see beautiful olive trees. After about 300 meters you reach the slope, which offers a nice view of the Arles' surroundings (A; GPS: 43.702932, 4.721265). Below you can see the remains of the structures used for holding the water wheels. Then you can go back the same path, passing through the road and go on along the aqueduct in the opposite direction until the small channel "Canal de la Vallée des Baux" (B; GPS: 43.705556, 4.721686).

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