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Arles: Pont Van Gogh (Pont Langlois, Van Gogh Bridge), Provence, France

Interesting Langlois Bridge in Arles (also known as the Van Gogh bridge or Pont Van Gogh) has been immortalized in several paintings of Van Gogh in 1888.

How to get there

First of all, it's worth knowing that the original bridge (built in the first half of 19th century) that was immortalized in the painting by Van Gogh, no longer exists. In 1930, another bridge was built in its place, which in turn was destroyed by the Germans during World War II (in 1944). After the war, it was rebuilt a few kilometers from its original location. But it's still worth a visit! It is on the edge of a housing estate on the edge of Arles, next to the D35 road. At the first large roundabout leading to the city you should (in accordance with the sign) turn into the Chemin de Maillanen and after about 200 meters, you can already park you car next to the bridge (P; GPS: 43.657280, 4.620846).

What to see

Next to the bridge (A; GPS: 43.656950, 4.621143) is located a plinth with a reproduction of Van Gogh's painting on it, just for comparison's sake.

The bridge is located on an old canal lock that is no longer working. It appears that Van Gogh's bridge is always left in the open position and exists solely as a target for tourists. There is also another single lane bridge about 20 meters south of the Van Gogh's bridge (B; GPS: 43.656740, 4.621083). This other bridge allows you to make pictures and to cross the canal to see the Pont Van Gogh from a different perspective.

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