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Across Europe by car

Would you like to visit interesting destinations in Europe? Provence, French Riviera, Monaco, and also other places like Italy, Poland, Czech Republic etc...

Maybe you want to go there by a car, but you're not sure what to visit and how to get there? Do you need information about roads and parkings? Do you want to watch HD and 4K movies about these interesting places? That all you will find on this page.

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We are not theoreticians, but 100% practitioners. We specialize in Provence and French Riviera. We present what we personally saw and tested. You receive information just from the first hand. No boring talkativeness - just very simple facts, and above all, the video footages in HD & 4K high quality - according to the principle that a picture is worth more than 1000 words.

Our sample travels

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About us

We are a group of 100% amateurs that tour countries of Europe by car. We decided to share our practical knowledge about interesting places by presenting HD & 4K movies and short articles. We are the best in Provence and French Riviera, but of course we also visit other places.

We are not video professionals. We do not have the time or desire to use highly expensive cameras and accessories. We shoot from hand and do not use tripods - we rely solely on the OIS system and our grip (that is sometimes stronger or weaker ;)). Sometimes we use the manual settings, but usually we rely on an automatic mode, including the white balance. We want to visit interesting places, make the movies and have fun. Filming is our hobby so it's important for us, but it doesn't have top priority - that's why we differ from the pros. We explore new places and make videos just when the opportunity occurs.

Of course we have the knowledge about correct shooting and we try to make use of it, but we believe that it is more important to provide information through the even imperfect picture than excessively reduce the size of the film for only those portions that are free of errors.

Let the professional sites have their professional videos and require the professional money for their services. We share our knowledge for free, to anyone who visits us.

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