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Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Siena is one of the most interesting towns of Tuscany, located about 45 km south-east of San Gimignano and 53 km north-west of Pienza. The great thing is that Siena fully maintained its old architectural structure, so we can explore the old town and admire many of its monuments.

Parking in Siena

The town has many parking lots; we simply suggest to stop in a parking lot at Baldassarre Peruzzi Street (P; GPS: 43.322383,11.337395). From here, moving the same street in the north-westerly direction, afer a few hundred meters we achieve the Porta Ovile gate (A; GPS: 43.323749, 11.332900), through which we enter the old town.

The Cathedral (Duomo)

The greatest monument is probably the cathedral (Duomo) from the twelfth century (B; GPS: 43.317247, 11.328565). Construction of the main facade was completed in 1380. The entire complex of buildings also includes the baptistery and the bell structure (campanilla).

Piazza del Campo

After visiting the cathedral you should visit the main square of Siena (Piazza del Campo) with the inclined surface resembling a bowl surrounded by buildings (C; GPS: 43.318465,11.331677). On the square you can find great monuments such the Palazzo Pubblico (town hall) and the Torre del Mangia.

Other historical buildings

Worth a visit are also:

  • the shrine of St. Catherine (D; GPS: 43.320073,11.327171),
  • the St. Martin church (E; GPS: 43.318262,11.333777),
  • Palazzo Chigi-Saracini (F; GPS: 43.317228,11.330809),
  • as well as the basilica dell'Osservanza (G; GPS: 43.333742,11.339741), located nearby the town, which offers a very nice views of Siena.

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