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Pienza, Tuscany, Italy

Pienza is an interesting medieval town, one of the Renaissance treasures of Tuscany. It is located on top of a hill, from which you can enjoy a truly unique views of the real Tuscan countryside (Val d'Orcia). The architecture of the village was designed during the reign of Pope Pius II (Piccolomini) who wanted to transform his birthplace on the ideal Renaissance town. Pienza is also famous for its excellent sheep cheese - Pecorino. When one goes down the main street, he feels the smell of cheese coming from specialized shops located along it.

Parking in Pienza

We park the car on a small parking lot (P1; GPS: 43.079035, 11.677964), situated about 300 meters from the western entrance to the Old Town. If there is no free place anymore, you can try to park your car in the larger parking lot (P2; GPS: 43.078380, 11.680287) located on the northern side of the town.

The Old Town

We enter the area of the Old Town from the Piazza Martiri della Liberta, through the gate Porta al Prato (A; GPS: 43.077190, 11.677365). Then we go the narrow street Corso il Rosselino. Here you can find the shops with local products which are primarily cheeses that we already mentioned. So, if you like cheese, you should definitely visit them! After about 200 meters we reach the square Piazza Pio II, where the cathedral Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (C; GPS: 43.076185, 11.678791) from the fifteenth century and the Palazzo Piccolomini (B; GPS: 43.076715, 11.678628) are located. Try to go next to the cathedral on its left side, and then come to the nearby vantage point (D; GPS: 43.076180, 11.679741) on the southern walls of the town - the views of the Tuscan countryside are breathtaking! Then you may return to the street Corso il Rosselino and go it up to its eastern end. You can of course choose a different route and walk many other narrow streets of the town.

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