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Ostrava: Old Town, Czechia (Czech Republic)

Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic and the second largest city in Moravia.

Parking in Ostrava

In Ostrava we recommend a fairly large parking near the Kostelní street (P1; GPS 49.835739, 18.294384). We pay 30 CZK per hour and then we can explore the city. Other car parks are: a smaller one at the Biskupská street (P2; GPS: 49.836480, 18.294830), a larger one at the Pivovarská street (P3; GPS: 49.834324, 18.292832), a large parking lot on Smetanovo náměstí (P4; GPS: 49.831601, 18.290761) and the underground parking lot at the New Town Hall (Nová radnice Ostrava) (P5; GPS: 49.841885, 18.290059).

The Central Square

We go to the central square of Ostrava - Masaryk Square (Masarykovo náměstí) (A; GPS: 49.835720, 18.292722). It is surrounded by nice buildings covered with decorated facades. On the square there are two religious sculptures: a Marian column and statue of St. Florian, as well as an interesting fountain. The oldest preserved building in the square is Stara Radnice (Old Town Hall) from the sixteenth century, which now houses the Museum of Ostrava.

If you would like to have some coffee or a sweet dessert, we recommend the very good "Cukrárna u Babičky" café located on the southwest side of the market square (B; GPS: 49.835317, 18.293241). You can also pay here with euros.

The cathedral church of the Divine Savior

Then we stroll the streets looking at nicely renovated buildings from the nineteenth and twentieth century. Near the square we find the church of St. Wenceslas (C; GPS: 49.835789, 18.294766). The most characteristic is the cathedral church of the Divine Savior from the XIX century. (D; GPS: 49.835838, 18.288988) - the second largest temple in Moravia, which is now the seat of the Diocese of Ostrava-Opava.


Not far away from the centre is located Miniuni - miniature park (E; GPS: 49.831243, 18.292978). There are 30 miniatures of monuments from Europe, as well as seven wonders of the ancient world. Ticket prices: adults 70 CZK; children, students, seniors: 40 CZK.

Stodolní street

The Stodolní Street is probably the most entertaining street in Ostrava. Its motto is "The street that never sleeps". And in fact, it houses a lot of pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars, where you can have fun until the morning. The street is located a little bit further from the market square (F; GPS: 49.835463, 18.283668) - it's anyway only up to 10-minute walk from the centre.

The Zoo

If you're already tired of visiting the city, you can also drive to the zoo and relax in the shade of trees, walking the paths and looking at interesting animals. At the zoo there is a very large parking lot (P6; GPS: 49.843288, 18.319264). We can leave the car there and go for a lovely walk (of course, you should first buy a ticket). It's good to arrive early, because you'll have no problem with a parking place for your car - later, especially on the non-work days, there may be troubles with the free places. Zoo covers an area of ​​approximately 100 hectares. There are more than 360 different species of animals.

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