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Three palaces near Ostrava, Czechia (Czech Republic)

This time we decided to visit the area around Ostrava and see interesting palaces, which are located in its vicinity. We have found three places that are worth a visit: it is the town of Studénka, Nová Horka and Stara Ves nad Ondřejnicí.


In the town of Studénka there is an interesting palace "Zámek Studénka" (GPS: 49.725483, 18.075191) from eighteenth century with the surrounding park. The building of the palace now houses the wagons museum ("Vagonářské museum"). If anyone of you is interested in this subject, please refer to the museum web site - you can find there more details. We just walked around the palace and visited the park. If you want to park your car in Studénka, just try to find a place near the palace, such as nearby the "Dělnický dům" restaurant - GPS: 49.724367, 18.078018.

Nová Horka

The next stage of our "journey" is Nová Horka with baroque palace "Zámek Nová Horka" (GPS: 49.692981, 18.069837) from the mid-eighteenth century. We park the car on the street, next to the entrance to the palace area (GPS: 49.692461, 18.068839). We enter through the gate and we just see the main building of the palace located in the surrounding park. At the time when we visited the palace, it already betrayed some signs of neglect and lack of long-term repairs. Fortunately, the local authorities decided to restore the palace and make it accessible to tourists. The end of renovation is planned for 2018 year.

Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí

In the village Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí there is a very interesting building "Zámek Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí" that once was a home of a local noble - the Syrakovsky family. The building was built in the sixteenth century, and has a unique ornamentation technique of sgraffito (like Renaissance castle in Litomyšl). We park the car on a dedicated parking (GPS: 49.727404, 18.187844) just opposite the palace - as you can see, there are so many tourists that local authorities invested in the parking. We cross the street and we are already at the palace. It really impresses with the decorations. The palace is also used for wedding ceremonies - we visited it when one of them took place. There is also a restaurant, so you can relax here and get something to eat.

Meanders of the Odra river near the town of Studénka

The Oder river meanders in the vicinity of Studénka. Nearby there are ponds and backwaters, which are an ideal breeding ground for many species of birds. Interesting processes of the natural shaping of the river bed can be observed here. Lots of willows, reeds and other similar plants make the birds feel great here.

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