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Kravaře: palace & golf course, Czechia (Czech Republic)

Near the Polish-Czech border you can find the town of Kravaře with beautiful Baroque palace and large golf course with nice walking and cycling trails.

Parking in Kravaře

Kravaře is located near the road 56. This town can be reached from Poland through border crossing in Pietraszyn. You can also take the highway A1 and exit in Ostrava on the 56 road. The Alejní street leads to the palace and there you can park your car (P; GPS: 49.930524, 17.998999). There are no problems with available space.

The palace

The visitors are greeted by a beautiful facade of the palace from eighteenth century (A; GPS: 49.929063, 17.999114). In the months from May to September, from Tuesday to Sunday and between 10:00 - 17:00 hours you can tour the palace. Details available on the internet site of Kravaře. Note: filming and taking pictures in the interiors of the palace are not allowed.

The golf course and the walking areas

There is a nine-golf course in a huge area where grow many species of trees. There are also some lakes, brooks and the Opava river. While strolling this really big area, you can finally find yourself in the point at the western border (C; GPS: 49.925799, 17.987473). It is located about 2 km away from the palace. On our way we pass an interesting water level on the river Opava (B; GPS: 49.918785, 17.989295). The walking areas and the golf course are really a great place for walking and cycling.

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