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Raduň Castle, Czechia (Czech Republic)

If you are in Silesia, near the Polish-Czech border, not far from ​​Ostrava or Opava, you should make a trip to Czech Republic, to the village called Radun (Raduň). There is a very interesting Renaissance palace surrounded by a pleasant park in English style. About 10 km away there are also two other nice villages: Hradec nad Moravicí with an interesting castle and Kravaře with a palace and a beautiful golf course and walking paths.

Parking in Raduň

Raduň is located near the road 11 connecting Ostrava with Opava. The village is close to the Polish border which you can cross in Pietraszyn. You can also use the A1 highway and exit in Ostrava on the road 11. There is quite large parking lot (P1; GPS: 49.890030, 17.941525) near the castle. It used to be completely free, but unfortunately it is payable since 2018. The commune installed there a parking machine so you have to buy a ticket for 20 CZK, and then put it in a visible place in the car. Please note: the parking machine accepts only coins. You can also park nearby the church, but this parking lot is very small (P2; GPS: 49.893162, 17.943439), so better is to use this first one.

The palace on a lake

The first thing which you'll see after arriving is a beautiful view of the palace located by the pond. As we wrote, the palace is surrounded by a park in the English style. There grow many trees, and there are two major and several smaller ponds. The Raduňka stream flows down through the park.

The tour

You can of course go immediately to the castle located by the pond, but there is another longer and more interesting route that we recommend. After crossing the bridge (A; GPS: 49.889997, 17.942120), turn right and walk along the Raduňka stream. We come to the second pond (B; GPS: 49.885608, 17.946286), then we pass it and return straight to the castle using different route, passing vast meadow on the left side (C; GPS: 49.888844, 17.945950). Near the castle we can see the conservatory on the the right (D; GPS: 49.891059, 17.946069).

The castle itself can also be visited - hours and days, when it is permitted, vary depending on the month - please visit the castle site for more details (in Czech language!). The area around the castle is really beautiful at any time of the year - try for example to visit the castle the winter when everything is covered in a fresh blanket of white snow - you can see it in our videos.

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