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Castle in Hradec nad Moravicí, Czechia (Czech Republic)

Near Opava, in Hradec nad Moravicí, you can find very interesting palace complex. The castle was there already in the Gothic time, but at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth century it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Since 1733 it was owned by aristocratic family Lichnowsky, of Silesian and Moravian origin, documented since the 14th century. In the second half of the nineteenth century the palace was called "The White Castle" as opposed to "The Red Castle", which is a neo-Gothic building which was founded in this period. In the castle stayed Ludwig van Beethoven, whose sponsor was one of the owners. The palace complex bordes on a large English-style park.

There is a legend that in 966, in Hradec nad Moravicí the envoys of the wedding of Czech Princess Dobrawa met with representatives of Mieszko I, the Polish first king. This event is commemorated with adequate information board located on the wall of the castle.

The castle hosts a number of cultural and social events. Just accidentally we hit a gathering of old vehicles (cars and motorcycles), as presented in one of the videos.

Parking in Hradec nad Moravicí

Hradec nad Moravicí is located on the road 57. You can get there from Opava, but also you can turn from the A1 motorway in the direction of Fulnek. To the castle leads a slightly winding road up the hill. Near the buildings of the castle a fairly large parking lot (P; GPS: 49.865795, 17.874826) - it's paid: 10 CZK/hour (as for 2019). Once there was a guy, or maybe a girl from the staff, currently you should use the parking meter.

The entrance to the palace area

The entrance to the palace is also paid (50 CZK for adults, for children under 15 the entrance is for free - the prices for 2022). The cash desk is on the left side of the entrance gate.

hradec nad moravici ticket
The ticket which allows to visit the castle area

Visiting the castle and walking in the park

As already mentioned, the buildings consist of the newer part - "Red Castle" (B; GPS: 49.865520, 17.874203) and the older part - "White Castle" (C; GPS: 49.863996, 17.874307). White Castle can be visited - there are interesting rooms equiped with things from the original epoch. We buy tickets in the same cash desk where we bought the tickets to the park. There are three touring routes: exclusive, main and complementary. Depending on the route chosen, ticket prices are of course different. More information can be found on the castle website.

In addition to visiting the castle you can stroll the beautiful park surrounding the palace. In fact, the palace park passes smoothly into the forests surrounding Hradec nad Moravicí, so you can spend hours wandering the paths. For beginners we recommend following route:

1. We start behind the castle, from the statue of Beethoven (1; GPS: 49.8609858, 17.8737325).
2. We go the green route "NS Bukový chodnik".
3. In point 2 (GPS: 49.8559644, 17.8582133) turn left at the yellow route.
4. We go to the intersection 3 (GPS: 49.8509875, 17.8612281), turn left.
5. We walk along an asphalt road (blue route), on the right side we can see the forest district buildings.
6. In point 4 (GPS: 49.8522878, 17.8633631) turn left and go through the forest.
7. We go out into the clearing. There is the "Bezrucova vyhlidka" viewpoint (5; GPS: 49.8559542, 17.8681161).
8. We continue along the blue "Bezrucova stezka" until we get to the statue of Beethoven (6; GPS: 49.8601903, 17.8735208).

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