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Karlova Studánka and Praděd, Czechia (Czech Republic)

Karlova Studánka is a beautiful, well-known and having long, more than 200 years tradition, Czech spa in Jeseníky, situated in the picturesque valley of the White Opava, practically on the slope of Praděd - the highest peak of mountain range. The village has a unique atmosphere and interesting location. Apparently, the air here is the cleanest in the whole Central Europe. There are mineral springs in the town, which are used in medical treatments, and also for direct consumption.

Parking in Karlova Studánka

We were driving through Bruntál, then we turned into the road 450, which led us almost to the village. On its border we found a paid parking lot (P1; GPS: 50.075005, 17.300942). You can also try to enter the village from the other side using the road 445 (from Głuchołazy, Poland) and park in another parking lot (P2; GPS: 50.073520, 17.311094).

The spa

The village is small - located practically by the road, but it's also very picturesque. Karlova Studánka fascinates with its wooden architecture objects. It is a place where time stopped in the nineteenth century. Besides, there is no hustle and bustle, so characteristic for large spas. Lots of green - a lot of flowerbeds, trees and shrubs makes it seems as we walked in arboretum.

Nearby the western parking lot we can admire little, but quite interesting waterfall (A; GPS: 50.075470, 17.301378). Then we walk towards the center. We pass the spa buildings, including nice spa called Slezský Dum from 1909 (B; GPS: 50.074143, 17.304370). On the other side of the street we can see a small pavilion (C; GPS: 50.073543, 17.304870). It turns out that the local limestone-bicarbonate medicinal water has been made available for everyone - you could just take a can or a bottle and "refuel" water from a source located in this small building.

In the center of the village we can find, among others, the ATM, post office and the "Pod Věží" restaurant (D; GPS: 50.073354, 17.306799), where once was Václav Havel, Czech president, when he was in Karlova Studánka for a treat. His signature still appears on the wall. If you are hungry, you can also visit the Hotel Džbán restaurant, located a few dozen meters away - for those interested we show a menu (note: information in Czech language, the loading time of the document can be longer).

The Praděd

For those who like hiking in the mountains, we suggest a 7-kilometers trail - climbing (12) the Praděd, the highest mountain of Jeseníky. You should follow the yellow trail next to the creek of the White Opava ("NS Bílá Opava") that later changes to blue one, red, and again blue ("NS Se Skřítek okolím Pradědu"). There are no crowds, and the path itself is quite wide. The elevation difference is about 700 meters. The peak is not wooded and an asphalt road leads to it. At the top there is a television tower. You can take an elevator to get to the glazed terrace - the entrance is charged but it's worth the exceptional views. In beautiful days the panorama allows you to see Giant Mountains (Karkonosze) and the Beskidy Mountains.

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