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Malenovice: Satina waterfalls, Czechia (Czech Republic)

Malenovice is a village in Frýdek-Místek area on Moravia, located near the Lysá Hora mountain, in the Beskidy Mountains Landscape Reserve. There are interesting hiking trails beginning in the village, and the most important of them goes to Lysá Hora. There flows the Satina river, which in this area creates interesting waterfalls in mini-canyon.

Access and parking

We used the 48481 local road to reach the village, which leads from the town of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí. The hiking trail starts at the parking lot (1; GPS: 49.574713, 18.403896) where we parked the car. There is also the "Rajská bouda" hotel, where you can eat something and relax after returning from the tour.

The Satina Waterfalls

We walk the yellow trail called "Naučná Stezka Lysá Hora" along the Satina river. On the way we pass local buildings of village. The road plunges into the forest - on the left we can see the river Satina, which flows in a small "canyon". Then we begin to see some waterfalls - the area gets attractive (2; GPS: 49.570194, 18.413343). We come to the roads fork (3; GPS: 49.567793, 18.415467) - if you turn right and keep walking the yellow trail then in less than two hours you can reach the Lysá Hora mountain. We went straight the green trail until we saw the bridge (4; GPS: 49.565225, 18.422730), then we crossed the Satina river and returned back to the starting point on the better, asphalt road. The entire route is simple and its length is about 4 km.

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