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Strasbourg, Alsace

Strasbourg - the capital of Alsace: a unique city full of monuments and beautiful buildings. Every street of the old town prides itself on its diversity, associated with its history and inhabitants. We were there only a few hours, hence the limited number of places we visited. Surely you can spend here a few days and still not visit everything.

Parking in Strasbourg

There are many parking lots in Strasbourg, however we suggest to find a place next to the historical centre. You can use for example the Parking Gutenberg (P1; GPS: 48.581438, 7.748653) in the very centre of the city, but the Parking des Bateliers (P2; GPS: 48.5811556, 7.7562033), Parking Austerlitz (P3; GPS: 48.578185, 7.751948), Parking Indigo (P4; GPS: 48.582997, 7.743708) and even Parking Petite France (P5; GPS: 48.579202, 7.735859) are good as well.

The Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Then, you can first of all visit beautiful cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg (A; GPS: 48.581575, 7.750155), which we also describe in another article. Its amazing gothic architecture is absolutely mesmerizing. There is also interesting Place Gutenberg (the Gutenberg Square - B; GPS: 48.581433, 7.748235) not far away from the cathedral. It's surrounded with nice old buildings and with statue of Gutenberg in the middle. In addition to the statue of Gutenberg, there is a beautiful old carousel.

La Petite France

Also don't forget to walk to La Petite France quarter with the Grand Rue as the main street (C; GPS: 48.581436, 7.744323). This is really unique place to visit and have a walk around. Small paved streets with the specific architecture are amazing. The place has the canals of Venice combined with German half-timbered architecture. There are mainly hotels, as well as various restaurants, where you can order some local Alsatian cuisine dishes. There is also a possibility of admiring this place from a special tourist boat.

Barrage Vauban

At the end of La Petite France area you can find interesting Barrage Vauban (D; GPS: 48.579571, 7.738066) - Vauban Dam - built in the late 17th century. Its original intent was to shut down the water outflow on the river, collect it and then flood the areas located south of the town, thereby making it inaccessible to the enemy. The bridge is about 120 meters long and consists of 13 spans. This is a unique engineering structure that is easily accessed on foot as you wander around the centre of Strasbourg. Visit this site for the panoramic views even if you are not interested in the Vauban fortification structure itself.

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