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Split, Croatia

Split is an important city located in Croatia (more specifically, Dalmatia), and like Dubrovnik very often visited by tourists. The well-preserved remains of Roman times contribute to this. Specifically, the palace of Emperor Diocletian, its underground, the palace gate, the Diocletian museum and the temple of Jupiter. Throughout history, the city was ruled by various countries, which also contributed to the fact that it is interesting and diverse in terms of architecture.

Parking in Split

In another article, we praised the Zadar city authorities for the possibility of trouble-free parking near the old town. In the case of Split it is completely the opposite - unfortunately, the parking policy is at an insufficient level, and we experienced it ourselves. Well, there are several parking lots near the old town, but most of them are small.

The only fairly large parking lot is Vanulično parking Svačićeva, located at 18 Petra Svačića street (P1, GPS: 43.5125619, 16.4381542). As we had previously learned about the location and size of the parking lots around the old town of Split, we decided to arrive early to ensure a trouble-free parking space.

As planned, we arrived already at 8:50, but unfortunately, what was a surprise when we saw that the parking lot is just completely full at that time (and importantly, it was after the high season!). So we started circling around looking for a free space and only after 20 minutes we managed to find it in one of the hidden corners of the parking lot, because we already thought that we would have to give up. Later, on departure, we asked at the ticket office why the seats were fully booked at that early time. It turns out that 80% of the places at this hour are occupied by locals who come to work or to do some business. To be comfortable in finding a free space, you must arrive before eight in the morning! We can't imagine what it looks like during the high season. This is how the city of Split takes care of motorized tourists. Maybe they force you to come here by bycicle?

If you are unlucky and cannot find a free space in this parking lot, try the others: Stari Plac (P2, GPS: 43.5125492, 16.4359870), Parking Kućica (P3, GPS: 43.5112375, 16.4423925) or Parking Bijankinijeva (P4, GPS: 43.5053725, 16.4449164). There is also a larger parking lot, Trg Hrvatske bratske zajednice, located more to the north (P5, GPS: 43.5157953, 16.4404719), but unfortunately it is not asphalted, so after or during rainfall there is simply mud.

The Old Town in Split

Fortunately, the stress caused by looking for a free parking space in Split fully compensates for its Old Town. Because we parked in the Svačićeva parking lot, so to get to the Diocletian palace, we walked the Ćiril-Metodova street towards Trg Gaje Bulata square, and then we entered the old town area and along Domaldova street we reached interesting Narodni Trg square (A, GPS: 43.5089761, 16.4385772). There are several restaurants - in one of them we stopped for a while and had a nice breakfast. On the square there is a beautiful building of the former town hall from the 15th century, which now houses a museum.

Then we walked along the streets Ispod ure and kralja Petra Krešimira lV, passing the Iron Gate (Porta Ferrea) (B, GPS: 43.5087155, 16.4393148) on the way - an interesting historical object from Roman times. In the time of Diocletian, it was one of the gates leading to the palace.

Diocletian's Palace

Diocletian's Palace is really impressive. It consists, among others, of the Roman temple of Jupiter (C, GPS: 43.5083551, 16.4395507), as well as the most important place for tourists, the Peristyle - the central square of the palace (D, GPS: 43.5082272, 16.4401489). This is where everyone gathers who wants to see the ancient sights of Split. In fact, even in the off-season there are a lot of people here. Entering from the north, we notice on the left the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, which was originally the mausoleum of Diocletian. From its almost 60-meter bell tower, there is a truly amazing view of the city and the bay.

From the Peristyle we entered the palace underground (E, GPS: 43.5077836, 16.4398861), which at first glance reminded us of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul - of course, on a much smaller scale. In the basement there are simply plenty of shops where you can buy souvenirs and other interesting (and sometimes kitschy) things.

Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda

From the basement of the Diocletian's palace we go straight to the beautiful promenade Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda (Croatian National Rebirth Coast) (F, GPS: 43.5075814, 16.4390975). Until the 1990s, it was just a busy street. Later it was transformed into a promenade. New Year's concerts and various cultural events are held here. Because the promenade is adjacent to the seashore, we have a nice view of the entire bay from it.

Trg republike

We walk the promenade towards the Trg republike square (G, GPS: 43.5089450, 16.4363081), surrounded by beautiful buildings. The square immediately reminded us of St. Mark's Square in Venice - and it was the correct association 😀, because it was designed as its smaller copy. Concerts and festivals are held here. You can also drink coffee. When in Split, you must visit this square.

Šuma Marjan Park

If you still have some free time, you can visit the beautiful Šuma Marjan park located on the hillside with various viewpoints, a botanical garden and other attractions. The park starts about 800 m west of the city center (H, GPS: 43.5077817, 16.4303319) (but you have to go upstairs) and is about 4 kilometers long. At its end is the oceanography and fisheries research institute. If you prefer to go by car, you can use the asphalt road that surrounds the entire area of the park.

The park is really vast, you can spend many hours here walking or running. There are many public beaches, picnic areas and breathtaking views.

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