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Šibenik, Croatia

Šibenik is a city located in central Croatia, at the mouth of the Krka River. It may not be as famous as Zadar or Split, but it has a nice old town with several buildings that stand out in particular, such as the Cathedral of St. Jacob, the town hall or the fortress of St. Michael. It's definitely worth a visit, especially if you live nearby.

Parking in Šibenik

It is worth driving practically to the old town and leaving the car in the Poljana parking lot (P1; GPS: 43.7349335, 15.8932534). It is a newly built underground parking lot with three floors and 256 spaces, still smelling fresh. It is well lit and modern. Its only drawback is that the air ducts are probably not well designed - it's just too warm there, and the air conditioners turn on every now and then, but it doesn't help much. However, since we are not going to spend the whole day in the parking lot, this is not a big problem for us 😀.

Other parking lots in the town include a parking near the port (P2; GPS: 43.7311971, 15.8962562) and the parking on the waterfront (P3; GPS: 43.7298760, 15.8956747), as well as a small Mulo Krke parking lot (P4; GPS: 43.7331389, 15.8913535).

Entrance to the old town

Since we parked in the Poljana parking lot, we are literally two steps away from the old town. We leave the underground parking straight to the central Poljana square. Next to it there is the modern building of the municipal library "Juraj Šižgorić". We enter the old town on the small square Trg kralja Držislava and immediately stop for an espresso at the Valeria cafe. Then we walk the narrow street Jurja Šižgorić towards the first significant monument, i.e. the church of St. Francis.

Church of St. Francis

The church of St. Francis (A; GPS: 43.7338511, 15.8919617) has a Gothic origin, but was rebuilt in the Baroque style. The interior of the church is very impressive, especially due to the wooden ceiling, which is a work of art from the 16th century. The church belongs to the Franciscan monastery. The courtyard of the church is very beautiful, surrounded by white, stone buildings, which houses, among others, library with many manuscripts.

Town hall

We walk the Zagrebačka street, then Don Krste Stošića street and Andrije Kačića Miošića street towards the Town Hall and the Cathedral of St. Jacob. All the buildings and even the sidewalks are made of white stone. This is typical of Dalmatian towns. Some streets are so narrow that it is difficult for two people to pass each other. We really like to walk around such an old town - especially on a hot day there is a shade and a cooler breeze.

We reach the Andrije Medulić stairs and go down to the Square of the Republic of Croatia (B; GPS: 43.7357408, 15.8892903), where the town hall and the cathedral are located. The building of the Renaissance town hall from the first half of the 16th century is very beautiful - it has arcades and a glass front. It is considered one of the most beautiful town halls in Croatia. Unfortunately, it was completely destroyed during World War II, but then was rebuilt.

Cathedral of St. Jacob

Cathedral of St. James is a three-nave basilica with three apses and a 32-meter-high dome. It is the most important monument of Renaissance architecture in Croatia. The building is on the UNESCO World Heritage List (since 2000).

Entrance to the cathedral is paid (the price of 40 HRK may seem quite high, but if someone is interested in such monuments, they should definitely go inside). In our opinion, the interior of the cathedral is quite simple - that is, compared to the corresponding monuments from Italy or France. Similar churches can be found in many regional Italian towns. However, the baptistry deserves special attention - its lacy ceiling is an amazing, intricate and delightful work of art and even for this reason the cathedral is worth visiting.

Fortress of St. Michael

If you like climbing, we invite you to visit the fortress of St. Michael (C; GPS: 43.7373201, 15.8894103) - a medieval defensive structure located at the very top of the hill, which can be seen from virtually anywhere in the area. This real monument is truly worth visiting. The views from there are truly spectacular. In summer, open-air events are occasionally held here. There is also a museum and several viewpoints. There is a fee to enter the fortress (50 HRK per adult, 30 HRK per child).

Medieval monastery garden

To reach the fortress, we go back up the stairs we took down to the cathedral. Then we go up all the time passing a beautiful oasis of peace (D; GPS: 43.7362357, 15.8898156) - the medieval Mediterranean monastery garden of St. Lawrence. It's worth going there and sitting in peace for a while. There is also a cafe, restaurant and gift shop at the visitors' disposal.

A Gastronomic Delight at Bistro Luce & Brigita

Bistro Luce & Brigita (E; GPS: 43.7344982, 15.8908895) located at Obala dr. Franje Tuđmana Street 10A, is an absolute gem that promises a culinary journey unlike any other. From the impeccable food to the outstanding service, this restaurant is a testament to gastronomic excellence. We recently had the pleasure of dining there, and we must say, it was a truly unforgettable experience.

Let's start with the star of the show — the pasta with seafood. It was a divine masterpiece that transported our taste buds to new heights. The perfectly cooked pasta combined with the fresh and succulent seafood created a symphony of flavors that left us in awe. Each bite was a harmonious blend of delicate textures and vibrant tastes, showcasing the chef's culinary prowess and passion for creating extraordinary dishes.

Bistro Luce & Brigita offers a diverse range of dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. From tender meat dishes to delectable vegetarian options, the menu is a treasure trove of culinary delights. Each dish is meticulously crafted with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

The outstanding cuisine at Bistro Luce & Brigita is complemented by the exceptional service provided by the friendly and cheerful waiter. From the moment we arrived, his warm smile and engaging demeanor created an atmosphere of genuine hospitality. He effortlessly juggled their professionalism with a friendly and approachable demeanor, making us feel like valued guests. His witty banter and jovial nature added an extra layer of joy to the dining experience, creating an ambiance that was both welcoming and lively.

Behind the scenes, the chef worked tirelessly to deliver culinary perfection in every way. His professionalism and dedication to his craft were evident in each dish that graced our table. The chef's expertise shone through in the innovative flavors, artful presentation, and meticulous execution of each culinary creation. It was clear that his passion for the culinary arts was the driving force behind the exceptional dining experience at Bistro Luce & Brigita.

The restaurant itself exudes an inviting and charming ambiance. The cozy yet elegant setting creates the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience. The attention to detail in the decor and the warm lighting add to the overall allure of the restaurant, making it a truly delightful place to indulge in exquisite cuisine.

The Šibenik bridge over the Krka River

The bridge in Šibenik (Šibenski most) (F; GPS: 43.7627147, 15.8486962) is a very interesting structure built in 1964-1966 over the final section of the Krka River. It allows access to Šibenik from the west (the so-called Adriatic Highway (Jadranska Magistrala) runs through it). The span of the arch of the bridge is 246 m. During the civil war in 1991, the bridge was hit by several shells, which, however, did not cause much damage.

On both sides of the bridge there are large, free parking lots where you can park the car and then walk across the bridge or approach the fence and enjoy the beautiful views of the bay and the town of Šibenik. This year there was also a stand where you could drink cold drinks, coffee, wine, and buy fresh oysters or mussels. Bungee jumping is also organized on the bridge.

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