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Sommières, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Sommières is a picturesque town located about 30 km west of Nîmes, known for its medieval center built in "checkerboard", whose narrow streets have multiple arcades and porches, for its castle (now in ruins), and for the famous Roman bridge from 1st century.

Parking in Sommières

There is huge parking lot on the right side of the Le Vidourle river (P; GPS: 43.783103, 4.086700). We can simply leave here our car.

Stroll in Sommières

After leaving the car we cross the river on the Pont Tibère (A; GPS: 43.782212, 4.088899) - an ancient bridge built by the Romans during the 1st century. We stroll narrows streets of old town to finally get to the Chemin du Chateau Fort street and walk to the Chateau de Sommières (B; GPS: 43.783231, 4.091683).

The castle had two towers: the Bermonde tower on the south and Montlaur tower on the north, dating back to the beginning and the end of the thirteenth century. Only Bermonde tower (25 meters of height) is untouched - Montlaur tower was partially destroyed. We can admire castle walls which were restored in last several years.

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