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Séguret, Provence, France

Séguret is a small town in the department of Vaucluse in Provence, located west of Mont Ventoux, about 8 km from Vaison-la-Romaine and 20 km from Carpentras. It ranks among the most beautiful villages of France.

Parking in Séguret

There are two larger parking lots in the town: a free "Parking Des Ecoles" (P1; GPS: 44.207647, 5.021727) located next to the primary school about 100 meters from the village and also a free "Place Jean Moulin" (P2; GPS: 44.207156, 5.022922) located in the very town. We stopped at the first one, because access to the latter is sometimes disabled during local festivals and celebrations.

Touring the village

We come to the town from the north (A; GPS: 44.206622, 5.022743) and then just walk the stone alley in the southern direction, weaving if necessary. We pass the houses as well as very interesting old fountain from the late sixteenth century (Fontaine des Mascarons) with a column, to which three heads of gargoyles are mounted - from their mouths the water flows out (B; GPS: 44.205853, 5.023588). In the village there is also an old church Église Saint-Denis from the tenth century (C; GPS: 44.204999, 5.023705). We exit the southern gate at the Place des Arceaux, where one can still see remnants of the old ramparts (D; GPS: 44.204336, 5.023549). We return to the parking lot using another alley, parallel to that we walked towards the south.

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