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Pszczyna: the castle, old town, park and the heritage park. Poland

There are a few interesting sights and places in Pszczyna that you should visit. This time we are going to visit the Pszczyna Castle, and namely its nineteenth and twentieth-century interiors. The castle, dating from the fourteenth century, is one of the finest residences in Poland. Its present appearance is due to a reconstruction carried out in the 70s years of nineteenth century.

Parking in Pszczyna

There are several car-parks available near the market square, where the castle is located (for example, at Wojska Polskiego Street - P1; GPS: 49.977251, 18.937093 or on the other side of the market square, nearby the Piwowarska Street - P2; GPS: 49.979288, 18.944962). We buy a ticket at the slot meter and then we are moving in the direction of the market square to the entrance gate to the castle (A; GPS: 49.977895, 18.941341).

The castle

We go through the gate and then we admire the exterior of the building castle moving to the main entrance, located on the south side. At the entrance, on the left side, there are located ticket windows, where you can buy tickets (normal ticket: 14,50 zł; half-price ticket: 8,50 zł; family ticket (parents and children from 7 to 16 years): 32,00 zł). We go farther the corridor to enter the rooms through a door located on the left. Employees of the castle are very polite and always help in finding the right direction of sightseeing and also answer our questions - there are plenty of rooms so you can lost yourself in the interiors despite a very good signs.

Generally, sightseeing includes three levels: we start from the ground floor, and then go on the 1st and 2nd floor. At each level there are several rooms to visit. The accurate visit takes a few hours, but this is certainly not a wasted time, because each of the rooms is unique and impresses with its great appearance. After leaving the building, you can always relax in a nearby park (we also made a video about it) or in the numerous cafes and restaurants located on the market.

In addition to the interiors there are also available other exhibitions, such as Armory, the Miniatures Room, Known and Unknown, Daisy of Pless: the Happy Years, as well as Princes' Stables.

For tourists, the audio guides are available in following languages: Polish, English, German, French and Czech.

The Castle Park

In addition to visiting the building itself, you can also take an extremely pleasant stroll through the castle park (B; GPS: 49.980817, 18.939335). This landscape park was built in English style and has an area of 156 ha. It has many ponds with islands, canals and small streams, as well as rich vegetation, so it is one of the most beautiful landscape parks in Silesia. Additional charm makes flowing river Pszczynka. It is worth to visit it in the spring, just as we did, to admire blooming plants and fresh green grass.

Zagroda Wsi Pszczyńskiej - Heritage Park

At the end of the castle park you will find a unique museum - heritage park: The Farm of Rural Pless ("Zagroda Wsi Pszczyńskiej") (C; GPS: 49.978684, 18.949394), which was established in 1975. It contains interesting old buildings of wooden architecture of the Pszczyna region, including operating replica of a water mill and exhibits devoted to bees and bee-keeping. Ticket prices: normal - 9 zł, reduced - 7 zł. For more information on the opening hours of the museum please visit the website. This climatic place is really worth visiting because you will just move back in time and feel the atmosphere of old times. You will then learn how our ancestors lived and what tools they used.

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