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Szczawnica - the health center, Poland

Szczawnica is a spa situated approximately 60 km east of Zakopane, between the chain of the Pieniny and Beskid Sadecki mountains with an excellent microclimate and sources of twelve acid medicinal waters, known since the sixteenth century.

Access and parking in Szczawnica

We visited Szczawnica during our stay in Zakopane. First we drove the road 47, then in Nowy Targ we turned onto the road 969, which led us practically to our target. We parked the car in the parking lot at the Zdrojowa street (P; GPS: 49.425519, 20.483383) - near the intersection of the streets Główna and Szalaya. The location is good since we are close to Grajcarek stream and to the cableway, as well as to the center of the spa.

The town's center

We go slightly uphill the Zdrojowa street to the center of the spa. On the way we pass some spa houses on both left and right sides. The houses are mostly renovated, but there are ugly exceptions, such as a big building on the right side (GPS: 49.427120, 20.486308) - it does not fit into the whole place, it's currently unused and times haven't been good for it. The local government should do something with this building, because it spoils the good impressions. Anyway, we soon reach the real spa center - it's the Dietl Square (A; GPS: 49.428826, 20.487832), which looks really interesting. Old buildings with a very interesting architecture are renovated and they are doing right impression on visitors. In the middle of the square there is a nice fountain, we also see a lot of greenery around, many walking paths - all you need for the patients and visitors.

The Grajcarek stream and the cableway to Palenica

After visiting the spa center we go back the same way (the Zdrojowa Street) to the intersection of the streets Główna and Szalaya, and then we go downstairs in the direction of the Grajcarek stream to go to a nice promenade called "Nad Grajcarkiem". The promenade was created in 2011, it has a length of almost 2 km and it is really beautiful - there are benches, terraces, bridges, ornamental plants, artificial lighting - and above it we see the mountains with a rich vegetation. The promenade starts at the cableway (B; GPS: 49.425029, 20.480563) to Palenica, so that after a short ride we're on the summit of the mountain (C; GPS: 49.418756, 20.476456). From this point we can enjoy a beautiful scenery, and secondly, we have the opportunity to walk interesting trails that begin there.

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