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Zakopane, Tatras, Poland

Zakopane - the capital of the Tatra Mountains. Everyone should visit this magical town. We do not pretend however to write another, a thousand-first article about this area: we will present only a few interesting examples of videos that we shot during our stay in the town of Zakopane.

Parking in Zakopane

In Zakopane you stay for holiday, that means more than one day - then you park your car just in the place where you live (unless you live outside Zakopane), or you come just for a short visit. So if you come here for a few hours, you should find a suitable parking lot. In case when you want to explore the town's center, it is best to park the car near Krupówki Street, in the parking lot at Avenue 3 Maja (P1; GPS 49.294925, 19.954932). You can also go the other side of town's center, and there, at Powstańców Śląskich Street leave your car on the side lane (P2; GPS: 49.295544, 19.941870). The good news is that this parking lot is free and Krupówki Street is only about 500 meters away. Once there was also a good parking lot at the intersection of Makuszyński and Pilsudski streets, but currently there is a Biedronka supermarket. Of course you can find more parking lots around the town's center.

The Krupówki Street

First of all, take a look at the most interesting and most famous street of Zakopane - Krupówki (from A; GPS: 49.292169, 19.958872 to B; GPS: 49.296802, 19.948439). But let's look at the street from a different perspective. Does this place make you more nervous, or maybe entertain you, or is just indifferent for you? You can taste here wonderful regional cuisine, experience unforgettable impressions while watching a 7D movie, listen to interesting, highlander music, buy a souvenir, try oscypek, visit various shops and of course meet other tourists. But maybe such accumulation of attractions in one place means that art turns into kitsch? Watch our video and decide yourself what is the place like - or even better: just visit this street.

Oldest wooden church in Zakopane: "Na Pęksowym Brzyzku"

The so-called "Old Church Na Pęksowym Brzyzku" of Our Lady of Czestochowa is the oldest wooden church in Zakopane, which was built in the years 1847-1852. It is located near Krupówki, at Kościeliska street (C; GPS: 49.295963, 19.946346). It is made of larch wood, while the shingled roof has some flèches. Inside there are wooden figurines from the nineteenth century as well as folk paintings. On the altar, we can see a replica of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa. Next to the church was built the Gąsieniców chapel (GPS: 49.296195, 19.946480) and right next to it there is the Old Cemetery "Na Pęksowym Brzyzku" - one of the most famous Polish necropolis - the resting place for people merit for Zakopane and surrounding area.

Path to "Beyond the Gate" Valley

There is a lot of hiking trails in the vicinity of Zakopane, so there is no sense to present the thousandth time what has already been described. We just suggest to walk less known trail called "Dolina za Bramką" ("Beyond the Gate" Valley) which begins in Zakopane, yet it is so simple and interesting so virtually anyone who has average fitness can walk it. First you enter the "Droga pod Reglami" path (1; GPS: 49.278735, 19.938586), and then around Krzeptówki you enter the right trail (2; GPS: 49.277712, 19.920187). On the way you can admire some brooks, mini-waterfalls and picturesque rock formations (so-called "Jasiowe Turnie") similar to animals and strange creatures. At a leisurely pace you will finish the trail (3; GPS: 49.271472, 19.917062) in about half an hour (in one direction), and what interesting - in contrast to other trails located in the Tatra National Park - it is free of charge.

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